Potion Master

Sten and the girls have been coding a new project in Java. It’s a version of the Mastermind board game. Sten asks the girls questions, such as how they might determine if colors are in the right places. When the program has problems they work together to debug it. They solved some double-counting problems. It’s been a fun project they’ve worked on over the past few weeks.

To expand on this we started talking through and sketching out ideas for game art. We toyed around with having the colors and pegs refer to outfits, meals, or potions.

Holly’s sketches in Procreate, with options for potions and a restaurant theme.
Meredith’s sketches in Procreate, with color-themed potion ingredients.
Deb’s Procreate sketches.
Next steps, working on some ideas in Illustrator.