Hedgemaze Progress

We’ve made some progress on our HedgeMaze update. I really enjoyed taking the Beginner 2D Game Dev course at learn.unity.com. Using what I learned, I placed our trusty hedgehog into the maze and scripted for movement. Designated game tester Holly did some hilarious maze run-throughs. 


Results were mixed. The hedgehog does respond to the arrow keys, and the maze colliders seem to work, but the movement is floaty and awkward, and obviously the rotation is not right. I want precise, limited movement.

I found a pacman tutorial here that offered what I was looking for. I worked through that tutorial, and applied what I learned to HedgeMaze. The colliders in our maze required a lot of adjustment (they still don’t behave quite right, but the hedgehog gets stuck less often). I placed the acorns, and had Holly come back in for another round of testing. 

Much better! Plus the animator works now. I used a method from learn.unity’s Ruby’s Adventure tutorial to have the camera follow the hedgehog – it follows a little too closely at the moment. There’s a lot left to do, but the movement is better. Going forward, I may replace the grid and tiles with a single background image for the maze. I’m also working in a older version of Unity, and I haven’t been able to successfully bring this into the newest version. I may have to start over with a fresh project—hopefully that won’t be a huge job.