Mockup of frog game


Video of a frog game we’ve been working on recently. All artwork done in Adobe Illustrator. Put together in Unity using the Corgi engine. Some rough animations tested out in Photoshop…

Potion Master

Sten and the girls have been coding a new project in Java. It’s a version of the Mastermind board game. Sten asks the girls questions, such as how they might determine if colors are in the right places. When the… Read More »Potion Master

Hedgemaze Progress

We’ve made some progress on our HedgeMaze update. I really enjoyed taking the Beginner 2D Game Dev course at learn.unity.com. Using what I learned, I placed our trusty hedgehog into the maze and scripted for movement. Designated game tester Holly… Read More »Hedgemaze Progress
Title screen of HedgeMaze game

Updating HedgeMaze

HedgeMaze was one of our first projects, using Java Web Start. After many years it’s time to dust it off and rebuild it in Unity. I recently worked my way through the Beginning 2D Game Dev course at learn.unity.com. With… Read More »Updating HedgeMaze