Character design Practice

gumdrop character sketches

The girls and I had a lot of fun learning to use Procreate on the iPad. I signed up for a month of Skillshare and took classes in character design by Nina Rycroft. I especially liked “Draw a Circus of Characters”. The advice to have instantly recognizable silhouettes for characters – I had heard that before but it’s great to have the basics reinforced and demonstrated with such style and energy.

I’ve also be doing some figure sketching in Procreate.

We all have many demands on our time. This video on Mini-Habits has good tips for how I might stick to my game dev goals even while many other things are going on and time is short. It’s easier to keep up tiny but consistent habits than to keep falling off the wagon and start over after a long time away. I picked up the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. I just started it, and it seems to follow the same philosophy: focus on improving systems rather than meeting goals, and make small improvements consistently over time.